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Welcome to the PPMC home page

This Home Page is where you will find most of the bigger updates that occur on the server, discord or anywhere else regarding PPMC.

Smaller updates will also be posted on this page more regularly further down the page under the Minor Changes section, this will parallel our discord so you can stay up to date on everything going on with the server!


Pantheos Patch Notes:
Pantheos Patch Notes 1.0

– Additions –

  1. Postgame progress 15%

Arivium Patch Notes:
Arivium Patch Notes 1.0
Onset Update

– Changes/fixes –

  1. Onset landscape updates
  2. Crateroom updated
  3. Building updates

– Coming soon –

  1. New improved Onset main questline
  2. New monthly quest on Onset

The Survival lands Patch Notes:

Survival Patch Notes 1.3

– Changes/fixes –

  1. Legends are announced in crates when recieved
  2. Daily login dates
  3. Voting grants 1 activity point per vote
  4. All Special tokens have changed to now be self redeemed and on any slot

– Additions –

  1. Spring Crate
  2. New Daily Quest at spawnworld Barn [Grants money]
  3. New Monthly Quest for Red Chain
  4. Many builds on team world
  5. Survival Bundles

– Removals –

– None

– Coming Soon – 

  1. Team World/Guilds
  2. Gyms/PlayerGyms
  3. Team Leader Elite 4
  4. Continued Balancing

Weekly Update

Server Status

This section is dedicated to keeping you informed on any changes we make to the server or any information we deem as something you may want to be updated on. This will be updated every Monday so keep an eye out for any changes made then! 

[Website]Patchnotes section

PlanetMC event ended

[Arivium] Onset Island is being updated

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Server: Arivium

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